@shakeshack NY Style Hot Dog

Last week on one late afternoon, my sisters and I decided to have lunch at Shake Shack! I wanted to give their Hot Dog a try so I ordered the NY Style Hotdog The NY Style comes in simple and plain.. I added ketchup and mustard (if you want one with the works order it Chicago style – its called Shack-cago or something like that)

I ordered a side of fries with cheese (after trying it, I can easily say that I prefer the fries plain – the cheese made it a bit heavy). Now back to the hotdog… the fact that the bun is actually a potato bun was good! It was soft and complimented the hotdog really well… the beef frank itself was good quality meat! However, I prefer the hotdog at Living Colors more (link)

They were also passing around ice cream samples of their birthday cake flavor (not sure of the flavor name) – not bad at all, but a bit on the sweet sweet side

And I spotted this sign and thought of sharing it with you guys 😉 Shake Shack will be open till 2:00AM during Ramadan this year 😉

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