Seeing Double?

About a couple of weeks ago, Alnoury this picture on her instagram account

للوهلة الأولى ممكن أن ترى أن هذين المنتجين من الآيس كريم ينتميان لنفس الشركة و لكن أحدهما منتج من كي دي دي و الاخر من كي دي كاو – قمت بتجربة المنتجين طبعا لأنني من عشاق الآيس كريم من ناحية و من ناحية أخرى لمعرفة الفرق 


From first glance, you would think that this ice cream cone is KDD‘s Thahab (gold) right?? Well no… WRONG! This is “Thahabi” from KDCow… so this call for a mission, a mission that has Ansam written all over it 😛 Come on… it involves reviewing and comparing FROZEN YUMMIES (aka ice cream) so I asked my little sister Amoona to get me both cones to try, not that I dont know KDD’s Thahab taste – but it is needed for this comparison study 😉

You see.. the one on the right is KDD’s Thahab… its the brand most of us are familiar with (correct me if I am wrong) – a  golden wrap with brown and yellow squares topped with KDD logos at the very end… writing on the wrap is in brown

Thahabi…. well, it is also wrapped in  golden wrap with red, purple, brown, and yellow arrow-ed squares topped with KDC logos at the very end… writing on the wrap is in brown as well

The cover lid is different….


طريقة التغليف متشابهة لحد كبير مع إختلاف بسيط بالألوان والخط و أشكال المربعات 

KDD’s Thahab is written in both Arabic and English (ذهب) and (Gold)… whereas KDC’s written only in Arabic (ذهبي)

آيس كريم كي دي دي يتميز بطعم أغنى و كريمي أكثر و فيه مكسرات أكثر و كاكاو أقل عندما تقارنه بكي دي كاو… و لكن كي دي كاو فيه كاكاو أكثر خاصة في النهاية 

Unwrapping both to reveal the ice cream cones… the white-ish flat one on the left is KDC, the yellow-ish one on the right is KDD

Now here is my two cents! The KDD’s cone is rich creamy vanilla with lots of nuts and swirly top… the cone inner shell is coated with chocolate, but not too much… KDC’s vanilla is more on the icy taste and lighter in terms of creamy-ness! The nuts on top are less but bigger in size, and there is more chocolate overall… swirled with the ice cream and in the cone, specially when you reach the end! I prefer KDD’s texture and taste overall.. though KDCow’s chocolate at the end was more and tasted really well mixed with the ice cream… which one would I go for? KDD for sure…. one of my nephews told me he likes KDC’s Thahabi more… so I guess its a matter of taste at the end 😉


أنا شخصية أفضل كي دي دي – طعمه أغنى و ألذ… و لكن لأكون صريحة، الكاكاو في النهاية ل كي دي كاو أفضل 

Both items were counted as “General Item” at the coop and both were selling at 145 fils


الإثنين متوفرين بالجمعيات التعاونية بسعر ١٤٥ فلس 



Oh and while checking KDD’s website, I came across their Ramadan section (link) – worth checking


أيضا… زوروا موقع كي دي دي الرمضاني – المصدر 

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