قمت بزيارة محل حلويات سعد الدين في حولي على شارع تونس – مقابل البنك الوطني “الفرع الصغير و ليس الكبير المقابل لمكتبة  جرير”  المهم كانت باستقبالي ماريتيز – و قامت بإعطائي جولة سريعة في المحل. عندهم تشكيلة مميزة من أصناف الحلويات من ماكارونس -بالطلب- و كيكة ألاسكا بالآيس كريم و المعجنات المختلفة والحلويات. أنا عجبني الكاكاو الأسطواني اللي بداخله كريب والتيراميسو و فناجين القهوة بالكاكاو 

للمزيد من المعلومات بالإمكان زيارة موقعهم أو الاتصال على أحد فرعهم الموجودة في الموقع

فرع حولي 22636686



I have been told by more than one person to give Saad Eddin macaroons a try! My answer would always be that I am not a BIG fan of macaroons, and their response would be to try Saad Eddin’s! I was like sure… why not

I went to their Hawalli Branch

Which is located on Tunis Street – opposite NBK Branch, not the one opposite Jareer Bookstore, but its another smaller branch (picture below) on the same street

Anyways, I was greeted by the very friendly Marites who was so helpful 🙂 She said macaroons are only available per order, but instead she showed me many many of their yummies… starting with Alaska Cake (on my “MUST try list”)

I ended up buying few of their items to try at home….

Crispy Crep Chocolate (reminded me so much of Gavottes Crepes)

Yummy Belgian chocolate cylinders filled with crispy dantelle crepes! Highly recommended

I also got few of their mini desserts pots – nicely presented in Tiramisu, KitKat, Ferrero Rocher, and Cheesecakes

My sister Amoona and I tried the Tiramisu and absolutely loved it… light and semi sweet with distinctive coffee flavor – my sister Mimmi tried it and said it wasn’t all that – she liked the Ferrero Rocher one much more!! My mom and aunt tried the cheesecakes and said they were good

I also LOVED LOVED their Coffee Cones… I bought a couple of which and had some unsweetened French Coffee (its covered in chocolate from the inside, and a waffle cone from the outside) – delightful

Saad Eddin shop is on my favorites list now 😉 Going back for more and more…


For more information, visit their website or call them up (Hawalli Branch and say hello to Marites) 22636686 – they have other branches in Jahra, Fahaheel, and Andalus (and in other countries too)

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