Recommended: BreadTalk Swiss Cake

سويس كيك من بردتوك من ألذ و أخاف الكيكات اللي ما أقاومها مع أني ماحب الكيك الإسفنجي عادة… بس لهذه الكيكة قصة أخرى – الكيكة بسيطة و عبارة عن سويس كيك بس بشكل غير الرول اللي متعودين عليه. طبقتين – الأولى مغطاه بسكر نعم و بالنص مربى و كريمة – لذيذة و أنصحكم فيها

When of the cakes I never say “No” to a slice from is BreadTalk Swiss Cake! Despite the fact that I like moist cakes much more than spongy ones, this is one of the cakes I make an exception too…. its just different

The cake look is so simple! Its basically an unrolled Swiss Roll cake! It comes in two layers, the top one is covered with confectioner’s sugar icing on top with their branded mini chocolate on top… in between layers comes the bloody red jam and cream!

The cake is fluffy and spongy, but taste so good! Not much is going on here… but its simply the perfect delight for a quiet afternoon with a cup of tea

Highly recommended for the Swiss cake lovers 😉


For locations and contact details, check out Q8PD (link)

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