Ramadan Gifts Ideas

أفكار و هدايا رمضانية جميلة تهدونها لمن تحبون بمناسبة الشهر الفضيل إن شاء الله – الأولى من 
Give “with Love”
بالتعاون مع  فرح الحميضي
Pieces by Farah
 للطلب 55266666  
قبل ١٥ يوليو 
Instagram: @give_with_love

سيتم عرض الهدايا في كراميل في بنيد القار – الدفع نقدا 

If you are looking into giving creative and thoughtful gifts this Ramadan, I have two ideas for you 😉 First one is from Give “With Love”… Gift Baskets prepared specially for the holy month of Ramadan – a collaboration between “Give” and “Pieces by Farah” – which means there are exclusive pieces by Farah arranged by “Give” with fresh flowers, gifts, and tasty treat… very nice gift indeed for those who like to gift their loved ones as a greeting for the month of Ramadan. Keep in mind orderes must be placed in advance and before July 15th… so hurry up! Only limited quantities available.

To order call 55266666 – check out their Instagram account for more pictures and details @Give_With_Love – also, Give Ramadan products will be displayed at Caramel Bakery (AlManar Building) in Bneid AlGar *Cash Only*


الثانية عبارة عن علب فاخرة بهدايا رمضانية من سجادة صلاة و ثوب و بخور و بعض الهدايا الأخرى بمناسبة الشهر الفضيل من

Ramadhan Gifts

للطلب 55545151 – WhatsApp

 Instagram: @Ramadhan_gift

Another Ramadan gift ideas is from Ramadhan Gifts… Praying sets with incense (Bukhoor) in elegant boxes!  To order (via WhatsApp) 55545151 – Instagram @Ramadhan_gift

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