Ramadan @cakestory2012

You are about to view mouthwatering pictures… viewer discretion is advised! Don’t say I did not warn you 😛 Cake Stories will be presenting you with new stories for the holy month of Ramadan! Yes ladies and gents, Cake Story Presents its Happily Ever After Baked assortment for Ramadan:

First things first! The Coffee Boomer (Tiramisu) a bowl with layers and layers… of goodness 😉

With powdery surface.. I can smell the coffee aroma from these pictures!

Now let’s move on to a fruity flavor…. Mango anyone? Its the Yellow Tulip!!

Mango Custard…

I like the garnish on top! The color combo is a killer 😉 Nice colored tiny flowers

Speaking of flowers… here comes Daisy 😉

Basboosa with Ishta (creamy filling)

Taking a traditional dessert to the next level

And for their last Ramadan story… Zinnia 😉 Muhalabiya Brulee

In addition to the Ramadan edition Cake Stories, you can always go back and order their regular desserts such as the Lilac Raspberry Trifle

I’ve ordered it before but never got around to sharing my pictures/review (maybe soon)

And my love… The Black Tulip (Chocolate Pie) which I have tried first at Becarre and later reviewed on my blog + More pictures of their yummy cake stories can be found here (check out the pumpkin cake – one of my favorites YUMM) 😉


To order, call 99004349 and give them a 24 hours notice


Socialize with them on Twitter @Cakestory2012 – Instgram: @cakestory – www.facebook.com/cakestoryQ8 -email: [email protected]

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