Picking a Name For a Business

و أنا بالسالمية لمحت صالون مملوحه… أنا مو ضد التسمية مملوحه- بس أعتقد تسمية المحل تأثر على الصالون نفسه بشكل عام! شرايكم؟ شكلي بكتب بوست كامل عن أسامي بعض المحلات في الكويت 


As I was driving in Salmiya, I spotted this salon (it looks old and closed) but I parked to snap this picture

The salon is called (مملوحة) and I could not help but wonder… how people come up with names for their businesses!? I am not saying that I am against them naming it (مملوحة) or anything, but I would never pick such name for a business (مملوحة – زوغا – كيوت) because I really feel it affects the kind of traffic you attract to newly opened place – what do you guys think?

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