Macau: Roasted Chestnuts

There he was, a chestnut vendor in Macau near Senado Square, the old Portuguese Quarter! That was last December… I took a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong and while roaming around the city I followed the smell of those roasted chestnuts

It was around noon time and the vendor was just starting up! He told us to come back in 20 minutes… but decided to stick around and snap some pictures 😉

I was told that this chestnut stall was famous and its been in business for SO many years! It was an interesting method used to roast chestnuts..

The smell was a killer!

He lights up the fire and use some sort of fine grain charcoal or so inside that roaster, and throws in loads of chestnuts

And at last… we got our full of chestnut paper bag 😀 😀

It was absolutely THE BEST chestnuts I have ever tried in my life! They have this roasted smoked flavor and they’re just soft and perfect! I think its a MUST stop when in Macau 😀 I want some now!!!

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