La Petite Maison Lunch – Dubai

While in Dubai last April, we decided to have lunch at La Petite Maison in DIFC

The restaurant is decorated in a simple sophisticated way… with white or light colors mainly everything, except for the vibrant yellow lemon, red tomatoes, and green bottles of olive oil set on the table in a way that made it easy on the eyes, as if they measured exactly where to place’em on each table… along with the wooden salt & pepper shakes and utensils

Colors were also used on art pieces on the wooden walls!

Now let’s order food 😉 Unfortunately I was able to snap a picture of just a couple of dishes – cannot remember what the rest ordered – so I will be reviewing my order mainly

First things first.. the bread! It was fresh fresh fresh! Amazing with olive oil and a bit of salt & pepper here and there!

On of my friends, Beshayer, ordered shrimps… jumpo shrimps and she said they were delicious

As for me, my order was Entrocote steak

It comes with two condiments – mustard, and onion/capers mix – both of which were fabulous and just added tanginess to the steak… the steak! My steak!! Cooked medium and tasted really good, except for some parts… fatty ones that I didnt enjoy much but the steak itself was juicy and tender!

Other than that it was really good and hit the spot just right! It comes with a side of fleshy french fries that are a bit crispy on the outside

I remember that Shushu my friend ordered ketchup for the fries and the waiter did not say okay or that he will bring it, he just vanished and never came back to our table, so another waiter came in and she asked again for ketchup… I guess being a bit rude and snobbish just adds to the whole French cuisine experience, and I am not saying it is good or bad here, it is just how it is I guess… and we understand 😉

And when my dish is polished off like that, it means I enjoyed my meal to bits and bits!


La Petite Maison is located in Gate Village 08 in DIFC – they are open daily for lunch from 12:00PM-3:30PM and for dinner from 7:00PM-11:30PM. They have a very nice seating outdoors (go for it if the weather permits) – valet parking available. For reservation call 0097104439 0505 – email: [email protected]

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