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A while back, during the winter… My friend Dana and I dropped by Sadu House on their first Monday gathering.. Let me start this post with saying how much I am in love with this place… the essence of the past with a flavor 😉 I go whenever we have visitors coming over, sometimes to the souvenir shop… the place is serene and I like the atmosphere… so let me take you on a virtual tour behind my lens 😉

To start with, Sadu House is located on Gulf Road next to The National Museum of Kuwait

Al Sadu House setting resembles that look of an old traditional Kuwaiti house… with the traditional door/gate – it is fully dedicated to preserve, document, and promote that rich diverse heritage of textile and weaving of the Kuwaiti Bedouins, preserving the nation’s creativity of the past generation and weaving together a cultural identity and print for today’s generation and the future one. There you can see the nomadic weaving style from the desert through the urban weaving of the town!

It started in 1978 as a private initiative by a group of concerned Kuwaitis who wanted to preserve the fast disappearing cultural identity… it was then and there when Sadu House was founded

*kindly note that the above timings are not their Ramadan timings*

After the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion, the project was transformed into Al Sadu Weaving Co-Op Society… owned and run by weavers and artisans themselves, with proceeds/profits going to the shareholders. The society is managed by the members of the board of shareholders and an advisory committee headed by the Patron, honorary president, the fabulous, Sheikha Altaf AlSabah! I love her

Now let’s go in… the entrance courtyard

 – يا ما حلا الفنجال مع سيحه البال … في مجلس مافيه نفس ثقيلة – راكان بن حثلين

Sadu House is divided into different sections… The entrance courtyard, the souvenir shop, an inside courtyard (حوش), workshop stations, weaving, mini gallery/museum, bookshop, display rooms, management offices, and more

As you can see from the pictures -which are not doing the place justice- the place is designed with light colors and the colorful part here is the sadu (weaved pieces)

This room is full of related books to sadu and weaving

With some displayed items and artifacts

They also have workshops for adults and children…

To be continued…..


For more you can check their website http://www.alsadu.org.kw/index2.html – Follow them on Twitter/Instagram @SaduHouse – (LIKE) their Facebook Page – Tel: 22432395

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