I Like… @SaduHouse Part II

The amazing Sadu House showcases some of Kuwait’s talents at their venue as well as hosting them on special events – like Zeri Crafts (link)

Those talented Kuwaitis infuse the sadu style into their own pieces and their own designs

Here you can see some quite interesting pieces by the talented Hussam AlRushaid

He is known for mixing old with new in a modern Kuwaiti philosophy in his pieces… and you can visit Becarre, his own showroom with his partner in business Mr. Jaber AlFaisal (link) to check out more of his work

Another talented designer, who is showcasing a special line of her creation at Sadu House, is Nuha AlMansour

The pieces on display there are quiet unique

Using traditional sadu prints with threads, sequins, and more

To be continued…..


Check out Sadu House Part I, click here!


For more you can check their website http://www.alsadu.org.kw/index2.html – Follow them on Twitter/Instagram @SaduHouse – (LIKE) their Facebook Page – Tel: 22432395

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