@GloriaJeans_KWT Ramadan Delight Gift Basket

Almost a year back I got a HUGE basket from Gloria Jeans (link). The basket was full of treats and mainly concentrated on French Coffee in which they made a video for (link), and then later I posted about my French coffee using their products (link)! Their focus was to have you drink coffee and stay awake for Ramadan prayers during the last ten days of the month…. This year they sent another huge basket for me, and this time around it was to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan – presenting a basket called Ramadan Delight along with other baskets from their creation using different products

The basket was generously filled with different items to use… from nuts to dry fruit, crackers, and syrups!

A lot of which were Ramadan-esque! The dates biscuits, the dry fruit, the raw nuts…

The flavored syrups that can be used for coffee, sodas, and desserts 😉 Thinking of making some Italian sodas with’em too 😉

Thank you Gloria Jeans for always being so thoughtful with us 😉


غلوريا جينز كافيه يقدم لكم أفكار لهدايا رمضانية أو للمناسبات الخاصة… سلة فيها العديد من منتجاتهم من القهوة و الشاي و الحلويات و المكسرات… عندهم كذا شكل و نوع للمناسبات المختلفة. قاموا مشكورين بإرسال سلة  رمضان ديلايت لي بمناسبة شهر رمضان أعاده الله علينا بالخير و البركات – تحتوي السلة على العديد من المنتجات المتوفرة لديهم من مكسرات و موالح و فاكهة مجففة و المزيد 
للطلب والإستفسار عن هذه السلة أو غيرها الاتصال على ٩٩٦٩٨٤٨٨ أو محادثتهم على تويتر @GloriaJeans_KWT
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For more information you can call them on 99698488, follow them on Twitter @GloriaJeans_KWT and (LIKE) them on Facebook

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