Gergai’an Favors: Sunshine Bling by Haniya

Last year I posted about Sunshine Bling by Haniya (link) – a very sweet young lady who is in the business of special favors for special events! She is now ready with some nice favors for Ramadan/Gergai’an! First item is the brass plates -only limited quantity available- It can be filled with either dates or chocolate, and can be wrapped in a nice plastic bag with a ribbon! And check the tassel colors! Same colors of Kuwait Flag 😉

For the colored boxes (again, the same colors as Kuwait Flag)

Or gold and silver! Each can be filled with chocolate for Gergai’an.

للقرقيعان هذه السنة من هانية… أطباق صغيرة من النحاس أو علب صغيرة – ممكن تعبئتها بالتمر أو الحلويات و المكسرات

للطلب ٥٠١١٢٤٦٧

email: [email protected]

Instagram: @sunshine_bling

Facebook page (LIKE)

For orders and inquiries call 50112467

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