Dathra Vol. II Party @Danderma

Dear Danderma invited me along with other bloggers to a small cozy party at her place to launch her second book (link) – I tagged along with Um3azoz 😉 We were the last two to arrived and the expression on my face was priceless! Danderma specifically asked us to wear our dowdy clothes to match with the theme “Dathra” so I wore my shabby cotton floral dress/dara’a with nothing but pure gold accessories and BIG ass watch! The girls at the gathering did really take to the next level! It was hilarious

The atmosphere was like the birthday party scene of Khalty Gmasha (الحلقة الأخيرة من خالتي قماشة)

Since it was almost time for Danderma’s birthday… I picked this old-fashioned looking cake to celebrate

The buffet was all with nothing but classical food items – just like a party from the 1980s-90s!

Pieces by Farah was the only up-to-date thing!! LOL

I tried myself to give effects to my photos to look as if they were really from back in the day…

Each one of us was given a bag full of classical yummies and a signed book from Danderma 😉 Thanks xoxo



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