Campaign: Lets Support #Pumps4Kids @BSCorg

Businesses Supporting Charities (BSC), a non-profit organization, advocating great causes & initiatives to help raise awareness in our community by bridging the gap between businesses and charities/causes to ensure that help is provided to people in need.

For their first cause, BSC teamed up with Kuwait Red Crescent Society & Dasman Diabetes Institute for the first campaign raising awareness, donations, and funds for insulin pumps needed for children with Type I diabetes in Kuwait – the campaign created a hashtag #pumps4kids for discussion and support

You can check Ramadan Buzz post about it for more info (link)


How can you support the cause? Spread the word out, check out the discussion #pumps4kids, engage, retweet…. whatever it takes from your side to support this cause! As a blogger, I placed a banner on my blog to show my support – and you can do the same too… just let me know if you’re in, send me your banner size, and proudly show it on your blog to support this great cause.

For more, follow them on Twitter @BSCorg – Instagram @bscorgkw – Discussion #pumps4kids –

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