Behind The Scenes of @Qumar_14 Photo Shoot by @MeBlogging

I was invited by Qumar14 to shoot some behind the scenes pictures of their photoshoot with MeBlogging  – it was a fun night and I enjoy it so much – I wont talk (technically write) much, but I will let the pictures do the talking… Enjoy and let me know what you think? Oh and if you want to see the photo shoot pictures, check out MeBlogging Post about it

We started of with the Qumar14 Charity Tees (you can buy them through Gojiboutique here)

Funny quotes on three different Tees 😉 I liked them

Now moving on to the caftans/dresses… beautiful beautiful collection! Simple chic and very summery

The model “F” was such a sport… very easy going and sweet 😀

Now to another design! A simple dress, dressed with belted clutch – it really added a lot to the design – smart and dressy casual

Qumar14 was such a sport as well…

And moving on again into another design and another set… this time it is a bit Arabesque

Picture #14 with two Qumar14 ladies 😉

And now the Saudi dress… Qumar14 told me it is selling really well in Saudi

Multi-colored with a hint of lace…..

and strappy shoes… with a hint of mystery

And into another area of the set… with lights and lights… and lots of lights

Blue… very blue

Some time out to instagram it via @Qumar_14

For more, (LIKE) Qumar14 Facebook Page – Follow them on Twitter/Instagram @Qumar_14

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