518 Everywhere!

Here comes a new “518 Everywhere” Post 😀

This is from the musical TV series SMASH! Zoona spotted the number “518” at the back and paused to snap this picture! If you have been following my “518 Everywhere” posts you would know how much this number pops before Zoona’s eyes! From car plates, to time, ticket number, signs, dates… its hilarious! I was out with her last night and we spotted to car plates that contains the numbers “518” 😛

Here is another “Two & a Half Men” 518 spotted this time by GeeGoo my cousin from Dubai! It never gets old by the way – keep’em coming

Last one today is from Fou6an blog! A screen shot of them reaching post #518 😉 How nice of you Ali to share this one with me 😀 More to come, and I will be waiting for post #1,518

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