WHITExpo 2012

WHITExpo invited me to attend a small meeting for bloggers to formally introduce the exhibition and the concept, but I had plans (link) and apologized, they were still nice enough to send me their media kit/package

A yummy one I must say 😉 Check this out

WHITExpo was created by May, Mariam, and Shaikha AlHajeri in an effort to create a positive effect for newly developed home businesses in Kuwait with participants from Kuwait with different interests and different ages in an effort to give them an exposure, helping them sell their brands. Since 2009 they hosted four events between family oriented, to Ramdan-esque ones, and one oriented towards kids. That’s not all. The team created a concept called “Make a Wish Tree”, inspired by the orphans. A tree is planted in the middle carrying wishes from orphans… a song was produced and was performed live on March 9th 2011 in 360MALL and was sponsored by NBK. Their 2011 Ramadan expo Wish Tree was dedicated to Bayt Abdullah (BACCH), where wishes of cancer patients were delivered by the guests and participants of WHITExpo Ramadan 2011.



Here is a collage I created with their pictures from different events since 2009 😉

The upcoming WHITExpo Event will be held during this Ramdan 7th – 10th in 360Mall, a new “Make a Wish Tree” will be back in this exhibition and will be dedicated to orphans once again. Wishing them all the best – I cannot wait for the event 😉


For more you can follow them on Twitter/Instagram @Whitexpo 😉

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