When to Censor?

When to censor? And what are the guidelines to censorship in Kuwait? I mean when reading a magazine and you see the black marker covering certain parts of the body! Or even photo-shopped to make it look more “decent”! I spotted this big poster while shopping of two maxi dresses! Both maxi, but with different necklines…

The model’s dress on the left is kept as it is… but the one on the right looked a bit interesting for me… It seemed there were “added” sleeves – photoshopped – for it to look more appropriate on the poster! One way to find out if I was right… I searched the racks for those dresses and I found’em

Both dresses were sleeveless! But I could not find answers to my questions…. what are the guidelines to censorship? Why is it that one dress is modified to look more decent but the other is kept as it is? Would you consider it wrong? Specially when the dress is modified to look different than the original? Too look like something that wont be even available for sale? What do you guys think?

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