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While in Dubai last April, I was invited by Mr. Najib Yacoub from AlShaya Group, Dubai, to try out Texas RoadHouse – which will be opening in the last quarter of this year in Kuwait

I went there on my last day of that trip and right before I headed to the airport… it was lunch time and the place was PACKED with lots of hungry people, so I was not able to take proper pictures of the place itself… but its a casual dining with a display of meat cuts at the entrance (ones you can pick from to eat), barrels of peanuts… different seating arrangements between tables, booths, indoors, patio, and outdoors

It was a bit hot outside so we decided to sit in the patio area to have a feel of the outdoors! Each table is fully equipped with condiments, menus, and two metal buckets, one full of peanuts, and the other is empty for the peanut shells… the atmosphere is kinda loud with little peanut shells on the floor, country music in the background with the staff singing along, sometimes even line-dancing… it was busy busy – so its not for everyone – just for those who like it (reminded me SO MUCH of a restaurant called Lone Star in Colorado which I loved – food and atmosphere with all the peanuts and LOTS of shells on the floor… oh and the amazing line-dancing)

Anyways… I was in the mood for a big fat juicy burger… and thats what I ordered. I asked them to prepare it for me medium cooked

My burger arrived looking super fresh and well dressed… just wished the cheese was a bit more melted. Other than that, it was a shiny bun, the burger, and fat fries. I took my first bite….

And approved it… tasted really good 😉 The whole thing together was really good! The buns were a bit toasted on the grill and buttery (which is good) so fresh – veggies were crisp fresh, and the burger was full of juices (not as fat as I expected it be though) but it was cooked to perfection; medium, as per my order! I enjoyed every bite of that burger… I would love to try it again in Kuwait and check out other items on their menu!

Right before we left, I saw the employees line-dancing in the area outside… one of those guys was really good 😉 Loved the spirit!


Texas RoadHouse is located in the Lower Ground Level of Dubai Mall and their Tel No. is +97143253951 (link)

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