Sneak Peek: Zarye Collection

إليكم بعض المقتطفات من تشكيلة زري من لمياء الانبعي. ست شهور من العمل على هذا الخط من الأزياء الذي يمزج الماضي بالحاضر و يؤنث بعض قطع الملابس الرجالية. قامت لمياء بوضع لمساتها من الأزياء والمكياج و تصفيف الشعر بالإضافة للإكسسوارات – تابعوها على الانستاغرام لمزيد من الصور و التواصل معها


If you are looking for unique styles that mixes old tradition with a modern twist, then check out Zarye Collection on Instagram @zaryecollection 😉 The creation of Lamia AlAnbaie. She softened up masculine items and embedded them into feminine styles! I have some teasers for you to check out in this post – there are many more pictures on their Instagram account – follow them for more details 😉

For six months, Lamia worked hard on the concept from planning, sketching, brainstorming, and actual execution of her line. In this post you will see parts of her designs. I was there on the day since early hours in the morning where she worked on the hair and makeup of the model before heading to the location… where we met with Fahad AlSharhan Team to do the photoshoot… I did the “behind the scenes” part 🙂

Enjoy the pictures 😉

And here are Mr. AlSharhan and Mr. AlRifaie checking out some pictures of the shoot on their camera

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