Sneak Peek: The Pavilion Exhibition

I have previously posted about The Pavilion (link) and about their upcoming event (link)…

The amazing responsive team behind this project contacted me through my blog and invited me to get a sneak peek and to have a quick chit-chat with them… I gladly accepted of courses and headed there yesterday! There were two pavilion, one with hexagonal shapes, and one that looks spiral from far away.. I met the team behind the latter

In this post I will be taking you on a virtual tour into the pavilion – an explanation of the whole concept will be on a post by its own 😉 So let’s get inside now, shall we? 😉

And that’s me exploring the pavilion 😉

Anyways… they were really hard at work, and I was snapping pictures of them working! Really amazing efforts by those young ambitious students! God bless them all!

And here is the team smiling to Ansam518 lense 😉 Gotta love their spirit! They are so friendly and as you can see… working with style! They are willing to talk and explain everything!

The pavilion on the other side with the random hexagonal shapes was also pretty, but the team who are working on it work on it during different hours so I could not find any of their team members to talk to, but I am planning to do so during their upcoming event, this Thursday at 7:30PM – so do not miss it 😉

Stay tuned for more on The Pavilion, but you can also follow them on Instagram @ThePavilionExhibition for more updates and pictures 😉


Thank you The Pavilion team for everything… special thanks to Sara S. 😉

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