New: Fusion at BK & Waffle Cones at McDo

I spotted two new items at Burger King and McDonald’s… just in time for summer 😉 BK Fusions – three kinds: Mango/Passion Fruit + Strawberry + Chocolate

McDonald’s also introduced the Waffle Cones which comes with a chocolate, strawberry, or caramel swirls on top (for limited time only)

I haven’t tried any of the above, but here is a summer treat for you if you’re crazy like me with coco tastebuds! McFlurry made with both KitKat and Oreo topped with french fries!!!

Its a tornado in there with crunchiness of the chocolate bits and powdery effect of the crushed oreo cookies, with vanilla goodness, and salted fries! The mix of all is oh-so-good!! Only for those who dare 😉

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