I Like: @FleurKw

My favorite new flower shop in town is Fluer

Why? Well well well… where do I start! I like their simple presentation with big statements!

I like their friendly staff members (only problem they do not pick the line fast) 😉 but they are friendly and super helpful with ideas, suggestions, and service in general!

And best of all.. they are so close to my house! About five minutes away (driving) 😉 A factor that I like the best to be honest 😉 They do offer delivery but do not accept KNet payments 🙁 I hope they work on it soon since it would be even more convenient and will give me another reason to love it… not to mention the Jasmine leis I got from them earlier this month for a gathering (link)

You can follow them on Twitter/Instagram @FleurKw – They are located in AlNuzha Coop branch in Block 3 (next to Starbucks) and their Tel No is 97118668

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