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تم إرسال هدية لي من شركة جرين تاتش هيدروبونيكس عبارة عن حديقة زراعية صغيرة مع بعض البذور لزراعتها بهذا الجهاز من غير تربة و لكن عن طريق الماء و مواد غذائية مضافة للماء! إخترت زراعة الأعشاب كبداية لي و ساقوم بتجربة باقي البذور بعد ذلك 🙂

ممكن معرفة المزيد عن الشركة عن طريق زيارة موقعهم على الانترنت


أو متابعتهم على تويتر و  انستاغرام 


تليفون ٢٤٧١٢٦١١


About a year ago, I posted about an Aero Garden I have seen at Nasser AlMukhaizeem’s office (link)… A soil-less planting method called Hydroponics, which allows you to grow plants without the use of soil by directly providing the roots with the efficient amount of nutrients. Yesterday I came home to find a BIG surprise waiting for me from them! An AeroGarden for me 😉 With three different seeds’ kits (in addition to the one that comes with it): Gourmet Herbs, Salad Greens, and Petunia FlowersThe box itself is pretty informative with lots of pictures! It tells you about the variety of seed kits available to choose from (in addition to the ones I got, they have Chili Pepper, International Basil, & Cherry Tomatoes)The seeds grow in this method faster than when grown in the dirt!

On the box, there is also an explanation of the method used and steps to take

Like a child with a new toy, I quickly unboxed my new AeroGarden with lots of excitement 😉

The start guide is super easy to follow 😉

I went ahead and started with the gourmet herbs 😉 top the pods out of the box and followed instructions

 dropped in the water two nutrient tablets and marked the start date for my garden 😉 June 5thAnd the show begun 😉 Now I am waiting impatiently for results 😀Everything seems to be working just fine *whew*

You can know more about them by visiting Green Touch Hydroponics website (link). They are located in Alrai and their tel number is 24712611


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