My dear friend @Fyunka had a little surprise for me waiting in a shop called Fursa! I had no idea where the location is but it was easy to google 😉 Its located right next to Breakfast & Brunch in Salmiya – in the parking lot opposite The ONE in Marina Mall

Its a tiny tiny concept multi-brand store + Community Work Group, which means it gives the chance to everyone… i.e. summer interns 😉 That what “Fursa” is… Arabic for “Chance”

The door is cool! Carved wood with different words to reflect what fursa is all about, which takes you into a mini outdoor garden that overlooks Breakfast & Brunch next door through a tiny windo

See how uniquely everything is put together here

 And check that wall with stickers in the back

Designed by “Wall Sticker It”

I was in a hurry but could not resist taking a tour in the place rather than just pick my surprise and go… I wanted to see what it was all about

So let’s go in… shall we?

This tiny concept store is made of 3 main rooms, a kitchen, and a toilet… in the main area there is the reception and cashier of course and vintage items… thus its called The Vintage Room

Simple decoration with frames used as hollow art pieces with pieces inside (you know what I mean??) with accessories and vintage items…

They are labeled with price tags along with the year they dated back to

Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, DVF, LANVIN, and more

Moving on to the next room… I believe it was called “The Concept Room”

Its more hip and young! With pieces done by different young guys… from the painting on the wall to the colorful counting rods

Loving the attention they pay to details… look how they covered the A/C unit! How fitting with the theme 😉

Now to the last room….

With art pieces and art work on the walls…

And books too

The last room is for “Haute Couture” = evening wear and some funky shoes (cannot find my pictures here) 🙁

But check out the ceiling of this room – bird themed 😉 Feathers and cages

All in all… the place is really cool and funky! The idea is amazing and the people behind it are Jumana and Yasmeen AlOthman, the brains behind Breakfast & Brunch! Fabulous ladies I must say!!

Before I left, Jumana took me to the Fursa Wall to snap a funky picture of me 😉 They have props to complete the fun too

And I left with my brown sprayed bag from Fursa with my surprise from Fyunka (post about it in a couple of hours, stay tuned)

For more on  Fursa, check out their website: http://fursaq8.com/ – learn more about their offers (chances) and get more info… Follow them on Twitter @fursa_q8 and Instagram @fursaq8 – I am so glad I dropped by since I never heard of this store before but turned out by the time I was there they were just opening up! Was I customer number 1? LOL Anyways…. I wish them all the best – they are AMAZING

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