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اليوم طلبت ياسمين من


في جمعية النزهة فرع قطعة ٣ بجانب ستاربكس و فاجأت الاهل والأصدقاء بعقود من الياسمين – ريحة البيت كانت كلها ياسمين – للطلب ممكن زيارة الفرع أو الاتصال على ٩٧١١٨٦٦٨ – العقد القصير بدينار ونصف والعقد الطويل بدينارين تابعوهم على تويتر وانستاغرام




Its jasmine flowers fever season 😉 Every year at this time the flowers bloom in many houses around Kuwait. We make flower wreathes (lei) and bracelets out of’em and give to our visitors at home… or sometimes take them out with us when visiting family, or have one single flower in the hair! The scent, the flower itself, and the gesture makes it all oh-so-wonderful… I wanted to surprise my family and friends for our Friday gathering with flowers… and obviously we dont have that many at home enough to make each and everyone of us a necklace/wreath/lei… so I headed over to Fleur – Thanks Dina 😉 – and ordered a whole bunch of’em 😉

The house smelt like jasmine all afternoon 😉 It really managed to put a smile on everyone’s face when I placed a flower wreath around their necks

It was an amazing idea since they initially wore it on their necks, but then you see… some made a bracelet out of’em, others used it as hair accessory 😉

It was a whole afternoon full of flowers and an amazing jasmine scent all over the place

You can follow them on Twitter/Instagram @FleurKw – They are located in AlNuzha Coop branch in Block 3 (next to Starbucks) and their Tel No is 97118668


Price tag? KD1.500 for the short wreath and KD2 for the long one – they can also custom make bracelets 😉

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