Cafe Meem @AlHamraTower

Cafe Meem of @MMCKuwait recently opened in AlHamra Tower and I have been to the cafe about three times so far 😉


تم إفتتاح كافيه ميم مؤخرا في برج الحمرا بمدينة الكويت. كافيه ميم الحمرا يأتي بحلة جديدة و شكل جديد و لكن بنفس الروح. قمت بزيارة الكافيه ثلاث مرات و قمت بتجربة العديد من الأطباق.

 Located in the basement of the Luxury Center, Cafe Meem comes with a new look and a new feel of Arabesque Cafe this time!

The original feel is kept, but with a new twist in the atmosphere!

My first visit was with my bestie Luluscious! First thing I noticed is their new plates! Very icy looking! Loved the presentation of the table setting, so simple, so white, with golden touch of the silverware and their Arabesque style menu!

Some funky painting on the wall… looks like free style, fitting well with their multi-colored/multi patterned/multi styled chairs! So much is going on but in a way that fits their theme here! I liked it

Here is Chef Khalil Maalouf with his kitchen staff – Amazing food Chef 😉

Another thing that caught my attention is their sugary-like and sparkly bread basket! Pictures are not doing them any justice… much more beautiful in real life

On their display you see different kinds of sweets arranged on leveled buffet under funky lights with a blackboard wall in the background! Music in the background was amazingly good! Song after another, I just loved how it added to the whole experience


ديكور المكان يمتاز بروح شابة و الألوان تملأ المكان. طريقة التقديم والخدمة الممتازة… بالإضافة إلى الموسيقى و الأغاني المنتقاه!

Now let’s talk food… shall we? 😉 We started of with drinks… I ordered French Coffee, Lulu ordered lemon with mint juice

I really like their French coffee 😉 as a matter of fact, I make a quick stop sometimes to have coffee when in their The Avenues or 360Mall branches! Presentation wise, it’s as good as it taste 😉 Lulu liked her juice, she said it was sweetened just right and refreshing


طلبت قهوة فرنسية و التي أحب أن أشربها في كافيه ميم – صديقتي لولو طلبت ليمون بالنعناع طازج و منعش

We shared a mixed platter… it a platter where you can pick five items from their mazzeh (tapas) – hot or cold – menu. We went for Falafel, Hummus, Foool (fava beans), labneh with fresh green zaatar, and grilled halloum cheese!

Loved the foool and labneh the most 😉 The foool was cooked and spiced just right with the perfect lemony sourness to my taste (and Lulu’s) – Labneh was yummy as well! Lulu prefers the green falafel, and I forgot to ask them if they do both kinds! Lulu also liked their hummus

As for my main course, I was looking up the eggs in the menu when Lulu told me to check this egg out: with its ingredients, it was made for me! I loved it! Contained oregano too! This egg is huge and is good to share 😉

Lulu ordered three mini pies; labneh, cheese & mushroom, and turkey & cheese! I tried the mushroom one and the crust is so thin and crispy on the edges! Highly recommended dish

Everything was amazing! The food, the presentation, the service -specially Rivana with her non-stop smile- and the coffee of course 😉


إخترنا طبق ميكس من المقابلة الحارة والباردة التي تشتهر بها كافيه ميم. واقع اختيارنا على الحمص و الفلافل و الحلوم المشوي و الفول و لبنة بالزعتر الأخضر – الفول كان خيالي و نكهة الليمون فيه واضحة بشكل لذيذ – اللبنة قناة كذلك ممتازة بالزعتر الأخضر الطازج

On another visit to the cafe I ran into PinkGirlQ8, Q8Rain, and my cousin with her daughters – all on a quiet Friday Morning

I first sat with PinkGirl and her friend… enjoyed a quick chit-chat with them while they were taking pics

I left them because I had a quick meeting and came back to find Q8Rain with her friend… so we all decided to sit together on one table – it was almost time for dessert, so why not 😉

Coffee… sweets, and tea 😉 With lots of things to talk about

One of the things I like about Cafe Meem is their Moroccan tea… Rivana was there to serve it to us


في زيارة أخرى التقيت ببعض أصحاب المدونات الصديقة و استمتعت بصحبتهم وقت التحلية – لازم تجربون الشاي المغربي

Q8Rain with her camera in the back 😉 Sharing Moroccan tea with me

Hit the spot just right… the perfect ending to a full breakfast 😉 Thank you Mr. Moroccan sleeve dude thing on the pot 😉

Thank you MMC for having us over 😉 It was all amazing!
 For more, you can check MMC’s Website:

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