Breakfast at @PizzaExpress

Luluscious, LMA, and I were out for breakfast… undefined destination! So we decided to head out to Marina Mall and decide there 😉 While walking around Marina Crescent, we decided to check out Pizza Express breakfast menu! I have been having breakfast at the airport branch every time I am there during the morning hours (link), but it seems that they created a whole new breakfast menu/concept at Pizza Express for that – we decided to give it a try 😉

Its a one page menu with the options to have eggs, breakfast pizzas, and some of their specials! Lulu and I decided to have breakfast pizzas… LMA had her breakfast already so she joined in the company because we’re just cool like that 😛

We placed our orders and waited.. the place is spacious and very inviting! Color stripes on one wall with minimal furniture (seating and tables) around, nice lights too! Seating is divided into outdoor area and indoor… in the indoor area you can choose a table or booth! We picked a booth at the corner, sunlight was not directly in, but the place was bright and very morning-y style 😉

Lulu ordered La Reine Pizza with Peach breezer – she said the juice is a bit on the heavy side, but yummy… Pizza was okay, sauce needs to be worked on a bit – cuz it has this paste-y after taste to it!

My order, English Breakfast Pizza with black coffee! Didnt like my coffee much but the pizza was DIVINE! Reminded me of Ansam Pizza *my pizza* at Napket (link) – thought Ansam Pizza is a bit lighter in taste, this one here has creamy sauce – not that I minded it! Lulu tried it from me and said it tasted much better than her pizza. The thin crust was just perfect, everything on top of it worked amazingly fine together… the egg was runny and added to the sauces and flavors within! It was fabulous! Enjoyed every bite of it… definitely going again for more 😉

Our total came to KD8.750! The service was good but a bit slow to be honest! We were the only ones in the restaurant, but wish they checked on us more during the course of our meal! I had to leave the table and look for them to ask for condiments… and the same when we asked for our check 😉 Nevertheless they were very friendly and smiling the whole time!


Pizza Express is located at the very far right end of Marina Crescent and their Tel # is 22244947

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