Baskin Robbins FOM: Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb

By now you know how much I love Baskin Robbins and love to try their “Flavor of the Month” so I dropped by earlier today and it was Orange Pound Perfection or something like that! I gave it a try and was like naah! That is so not my kinda flavor…. When I looked inside the display searching for Gold Medal Ribbon or Jamoca, I noticed they have another ice cream labeled as “Flavor of the Month” and since we are not consistent with the one in the states, I was like let me try this one: Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb – I LOVE honeycomb!

Its made of chocolate malt ice cream swirled with a chocolate ribbon and chocolate covered honeycomb candies! If you love honeycomb you will like this one! The whole combo is good! I am not much into chocolate ice cream, but the honeycomb makes it okay for me I guess… love the crunchy feeling of it with some melted ice cream in your mouth! Delish 😉 Give it a try and let me know what you think 😀

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