@TheDubaiMall : Eye Candy!

I could not help but snap few pictures here and there of Dubai Mall beautiful displayed items, be it a booth, ad, window shop, or decoration…..

Most of us know that Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue part, is famous for the beautiful butterflies hanging from the ceiling and moving softly with breezes of air to look like real butterflies moving their wings softly! Beautiful and never gets old! Very whimsical 😉

Moving on to another display… a HUGE camera just outside Bloomingdale’s advertising Mohammed Bin Mansour Photography Award – also loving the “giant neon bag” in the back 😉

Going into Bloomingdale’s and checking out makeup… those YSL lipsticks are put together to make BIG YSL on display! Nice 😉 Loved it!!
 And GIVENCHY lipglosses… as if one was spilled on the display table!

Many paper cut-out shoes on display in Diesel’s windowTed Baker’s tea time in the garden themed displays all over the store

Louis Vuitton spectacular window display!!! Arrows everywhere… just like their runway shows (check here)

Now this is one of my favorites… repetto!!

Tempted to snatch one and wear it… dance my way away

Those are just few stores and displays of many in the mall… wish I had more time to take more pictures…



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