The Best Gift Ever

My day was filled with love, joy, and happiness…. I was surrounded by the ones I love all day.. spent time with my friends early in the morning for breakfast, passed by my childhood friend’s house in the early afternoon (we share the same exact birth date), went back home for lunch with the family… our weekly family-get-together, and then a mini celebration with my friends at home! Many cakes, many laughs, many wishes sent to me throughout the day through SMS/MSGs/SocialNetworks/Calls….. You name it! It was all good and felt amazing! But the best thing ever was when my sister came home with her baby boy Issa… she gave birth on May 9th. He was tiny and needed extra care so they kept him in the incubator! She went to the hospital and they released him on my birthday! The minute she walked in holding him… I almost cried! I rushed to carry him and it was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever encountered. I held him for so long and kept checking on him through out the day… Best birthday gift ever <3

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