Recommended: Portobello Egg Benedict at BredZ

BredZ have been one of my favorite spots in Kuwait for years… I have been a loyal customer, and if you have been following me on Instagram/Twitter you would know that I love it and I LOVE their burger SO MUCH <3 Anyways, I was supposed to meet my friend Dana N. at Snog for froyo – but I was starving… Plus I was there early so I stopped at BredZ to have breakfast 😉

BredZ -if you’re not familiar with it- is famous for their displayed items… desserts, many many kinds of desserts

Amazing AMAZING salads selection…

And a whole display of freshly baked bread loafs on one wall… Such an eye candy!

I went ahead and ordered the Portobello Mushroom Egg Benedict (minus the spinach) – it comes with a side of roasted cherry tomatoes and potatoes!

But first things first… BLACK COFFEE! The body and texture of which was perfect.. smell was a killer, it was the perfect kick start before my meal had arrived

Here it is…

Bread topped with portobello mushrooms, two poached eggs, Hollandize (garlic-y) sauce, and some herbs!

It came in with a side of really tasty potatoes – almost but not crispy on the outside, fleshy on the inside… with thyme flavor, three roasted cherry tomatoes, and a side of mixed greens salad with this delicious balsamic dressing!

That’s how much I loved it… nothing was left of it on my plate… NOTHING!

Finger (or in this case, plate) licking good kinda meal 😉 And super approved by Ansam518

Dana joined me half-way through my meal… she ordered a cappuccino and mini berry kinda tart 😉 We were both happy and totally satisfied… our total came to KD8.050


BredZ is located in Souq Sharq next to Sultan Center and their tel no. is 22407707/22420505 – You can find their menu on Q8PD here!



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