Paul’s Croque Monsieur

A while back I was at Marina Mall and decided to have dinner at Paul.. the picture of croque monsieur on the menu called me out… try me! So both, my friend and I ordered croque monsieur along with water (with fresh mint leaves and lemon slices). We started off with bread and butter… and a mix of olive oil/balsamic + tabasco – Paul is one of those boulangeries that offers the freshest bread ever! I have never tried a slice of bread that I did not like at Paul…. then we were served our sandwiches

Let me tell you this… I am a big fan of croque monsieur and croque madame *the latter comes with an egg on top* As a matter of fact the first time I ever tried it was in Paris, I saw the sandwich in the display and ordered it right away… second time I ordered it with the egg. I was in love with it…. unknowingly that its made with ham! I stopped eating it abroad because it is almost always made with ham… but that’s not the case in K-Town now is it 😉 I used to order it at Dalloyau all the time… but gave it a shot at Paul for the very first time, and let me tell you this

This is the best Croque Monsieur I have ever tasted worldwide! The cheese in the bechamel sauce… the turkey itself, the buttery taste… How the bread was a bit crispier in the edges, and how it all tasted together! The side salad was absolutely fabulous! Crispy greens and lemon-based dressing – hit the spot just right

It was all mighty tasty and earned Ansam518 Approval (by both of us, my friend and I) – the only down side to it is they do not offer it with egg on top (Croque Madame Style) – Wish they did!

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