More (Marc) by Marc Jacobs in Kuwait

I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, but I prefer to buy from them online and not from Kuwait… but sometimes you have to – specially when you do not have time to wait for an online shipment…. but why? Okay here goes

This Mona Paisley Pants original price is USD298 (which is around KD83) They’re on 30% sale and are currently selling for USD208 (which is around KD58). How much did I pay for those pants in Kuwait? KD130 and it is selling as a new (not sale) item!!! This means I paid KD47 extra on the original price and KD72 extra on the current sale price!!!

ليش عندنا بعض الماركات وايد أغلى من السعر الأصلي؟ و ليش يبيعون بضاعة على إنها يديدة و اهيا عليها خصم برة؟ أنا شريت بنطلون من مارك باي مارك جاكوبس ١٣٠ دينار و بالإنترنت سعره بالكويتي يطلع ٨٣ دينار و لا… بعد عليه خصم, و صار سعره ٥٨ دينار! طلع علي أغلى من بيع السوق

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