Happy Cinqo de Mayo

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know by now how much we like “themed dinner” gatherings 😉 This time it was in celebration of Cinqo de Mayo just because we like the idea of having a reason to cook international cuisines 😉

For welcoming our guests we had refreshment mocktails done; Mojito and Lime with Pomegranate and Peaches… with a pinch of salt, and of course nachos and salsas

Fulla, my sister, prepared the whole feast! A couple of salads, fancy looking tacos that she called “Flora”, pastries, and Mexican Hats Pasta (sombrero) 😉 It was all GOOD and the company was amazing! Just the perfect kinda feast

The Flora Tacos… some came with beans (for t he vegetarians) and the others were with ground beef 😉

Sombrero Pasta <3

This post is dedicated for all my readers who love my random home cooked feast that I used to post about more in the past 😉 And for those who appreciate food in general 😉 I hope you enjoyed it!



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