GAP Folded Flats

أحذية قابلة للطي بحيث من الممكن إدخالها في حقيبة صغيرة سهلة الحمل بسعر ١٥.٥٠٠ دينار


Those flats from GAP are designed to fold and pack into travel pouch to easily carry it around (in case you want to take off your high heels). They also come with padded sole for extra comfort 😉 Price tag? KD15.500

ذكروني بفوتزي رولز إللي شريتهم من ذا مانهاتن – أسعارهم بين ١٠-١٢ دينار

Reminded me of Footzy Rolls that I bought from The Manhattan (link), which are selling for around KD10-12

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