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I came to know about espressamente Cafe at AlHamra Tower from Nouf Magazine who asked me to give it a try – I like illy coffee, and I think the quality of that coffee is much better abroad – since the ones I tried in Kuwait so far taste a bit sour-y! But I was up to give it a shot

My friend and I went last Friday for a quick review – we browsed through the displayed items and settled for: espresso, black coffee, tiramisu, and a bottle of water

The cafe is tucked in at the end of the mall on level 1 – just by the escalators that takes you to the business tower – nice location since it would serve both, mall shoppers and employees who will be working in the business tower.

 Now the presentation… just plain simple (which is something I like). Branded illy cups, white plates, and the tiramisu looked so good! Three ladies fingers with all the works, with a side of a coffee shot 😉

The water was German brand… never seen it before in Kuwait

Check the coffee spoon! I liked it – Made specially just for stirring

The coffee was surprisingly good and better than the ones I tried in Kuwait. No sour-y after taste, which is the quality I am looking for! Now soak those ladies fingers with coffee

I can easily say that this was the best tiramisu I have tried in Kuwait. My friend Shushu once told me that tiramisu in Italian means “Lift me up/cheer me up” and this piece surely did the works!

It was so good (wanted to feel the mascarpone taste more though) but other than that it is FiveOneEight approved 😉

Our total came to KD4.500 – totally worth every fils spent 😉 I am definitely going again and again – and I highly recommend you give it a try when in AlHamra. Good coffee, amazing tiramisu, & friendly smiley staff!

espressamente is located in AlHamra Tower Luxury Shopping Center on the first floor, and their telephone number is 22270235

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