CHEAPer Replicas of @F2oDesigns

في واحد مشارك بمعرض و عنده كم قطعة من تصميم فاطمة العثمان ماخذهم و طابعهم على تيشيرتات بحجة إن لاقيهم بالنت و مو راضي يعترف إن هالشي غلط

I was SHOCKED to see @F20Designs well known design tees stolen by someone by the name of A&S Desgin (not Design 😛 ) who is proud to be taking pictures of the net (as if that was okay to do) and selling them for less price then her originals! The audacity of some people!

The problem is that he is refusing to admit that what he is doing is totally wrong and acceptable! I do not even have words to explain how that makes me feel

 I checked his timeline on twitter and this is a print-screen of it!!!!!

Please spread the word and stop this! This is NOT acceptable!!!

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