Armani Caffé Fancy Apple Pie @TheDubaiMall

I frequent at Armani Cafe (whenever I visit Dubai) – I like their coffee, soups (specially the zucchini), fresh salads, sandwiches….

My cousin Mariam told me about their apple pie a while back and how much she loved it – she must stop by the cafe to have a piece on every trip to any Armani Cafe! I tried it a while back, and I also got hooked… why? Its light and its fancy looking! Just different. On my trip last April with my friends, we managed to stop by the cafe, and I ordered one for me. Shushu ordered one for her… Aseel opted for the chocolate soup!

You see! I have taken SO MANY pictures of this pie but I couldnt find them for this post, so I took the one I posted on Instagram instead! Not to confuse you, there are two Apple Pie items on the menu, one is kind of the traditional looking one, and that one above – with puff-pastry kinda crust topped with thin slices of apple forming a rose shape piece of art, and on top of which comes the vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon stick! As I said, it is not the usual heavy pie – its light and fluffy – not too spiced… just different 😉 The whole combo together is a work of goodness! It became a must have for me as well… just like my cousin. And guess what? My other cousin Naella snapped a couple of pictures of that same pie and the chocolate soup (lucky me) and I asked her to use both for my blog 😉

So if you are an apple pie lover, and wanna try a light fancy version of it… give this one a try (dont remember the exact name for it to be honest) but you can explain it to the waiter – that’s what I always do hehehe. As for the chocolate lovers, you may wanna try the chocolate soup! It contained chunks of brioche and “je ne ai sais quoi” – I tried it from Aseel… a bit heavy but surely will satisfy the chocolate lovers’ cravings I guess 😉


Armani Caffé Dubai is located on the ground level of Dubai Mall Fashion Island and their Tel # is +97143398121


You can also follow Dubai Mall on Twitter @TheDubaiMall for more updates and news


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