@AlHamraTower Luxury Center: Opening Today

قمت أنا و مجموعة من المدونين بأخذ جولة سريعة على مركز التسوق في برج الحمرا يوم أمس، و الذي سيتم افتتاحه رسميا اليوم الساعة العاشرة صباحا. المركز يحتوي على العديد من المحلات والماركات العالمية والكثير من المطاعم والمقاهي. و كذلك يتميز بوجود ساحة خارجيا بجوار النافورة والمطلة على مدينة الكويت. المحلات ستفتح تدريجيا إبتداءا من اليوم . اليكم بعض الصور لمركز التسوق من برج الحمرا


I was invited along with few bloggers to get a sneak peek of AlHamra Luxury Center yesterday. I wont be talking much about AlHamra because you will find all the information in this post from my visit last year 😉 and the following video




Anyways… we gathered at the reception of the business tower of the skyscraper

And then we were taken to the conference room in the business tower for a quick presentation and Q&A session…

The many faces of the magnificent AlHamra

Then off we headed to the Luxury Center (shopping mall)

First thing I noticed is how spacious the center is… the colors chosen gives you clear wide open spaces feeling… with one of the largest LED screens in the middle and a huge sky light which adds to the place… it lets direct natural light in the morning… nicely done

AlHamra, being a smart building, was equipped with many smart options… such as directory screens, which I am thinking are going to be touch-screens.

As you can see, the center is built in five stories/levels.

Those marble lit benches caught my attention from above… with a nice structure next to it

One done, and one in the making

Going down to the basement

Lets talk shops now… shall we? Lots of stores will be opening there such as YSL, Bottega Veneta, Hermes (already there), Puma, Adidas, Shoebox, AlJazeera Perfumes, and more… as for restaurant there will be MANY! L’entrocote, Brown Tomato, Chocolate Bar, Gucci Cafe, Versace Cafe, Cafe Meem, Yoforia, Haagen Dazs, Elevation Burger, and many more

The huge beautiful skylight

I really cannot wait for it to be fully opened 😉 Along with the spa and gym (for ladies 😛 lol) and the rooftop garden <3

Now the outside area by the fountain… which is an interactive water fountain lit with changing colors lights

GUCCI and Versace Cafes will be overlooking this fountain/area

Loved the design and the little details within 😉

Very nice lighting too

And now back to the lobby area of the business tower…. in which I have a picture of me taken back in June 2011 and yesterday 😉 Same area

Anyways… here are few pictures of the lobby, with the beautiful lamella structure supporting the tower above and articulating the space below.. which took about 400 days to be finished

Check out how high the ceiling is in the lobby! Loved it

Lamella outside….

another fountain with palm trees at the entrance of the business tower part of the skyscraper

The lamella structure again – beautiful, isn’t it?

AlHamra from down below 😉

The HUGE multi-stories parking lot, which can hold up to 2000 cars


Last look at the lamella – side view – before going inside

And I spotted NBK branch in the lobby of the business center 😉 Amazing location!!

Such a nice tour… and I am honestly and deeply in love with this amazing skyscraper!

Thank You Ms. Sara AlThuwaini for inviting and having us over… it was such a nice tour! And Thank you Mr. AlOthman for answering our questions about AlHamra 🙂

For more updates follow them on Twitter/Instagram @AlHamraTower



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