@ZainKuwait Celebrates Ansam518’s 5th

I was invited to attend a special surprise birthday party for PinkGirl on Wednesday organized by Zain Telecom, but due to my busy schedule that day I could not make it! Around 2:30PM I got a message from Dudette asking me if I was done with work, I sent her a picture of my location and told her I was far away from the celebration… Little did I know that Zain had another surprise prepared for me, celebrating my 5th Blog Anniversary along with PinkGirl’s birthday! Dudette was like “Check Instagram”

Zain, along with other bloggers were posting pictures of the cake they prepared for the occasion! I was speechless!!


Pink Girl



Pink Girl’s cake… she was so sweet to deliver the cake along with the mini treats and something else from Zain for me from Nescafe 😉 Thank you dear 😀 😀

That was one super sweet gesture!!! and by the way, it wasn’t the first time Zain has done something special for me… Last year they sent me a couple of cakes and flowers for my 4th year anniversary (link)

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