World Autism Awareness Day

Today marks the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day! Every year, different organizations around the world celebrate the day in order to raise awareness for the cause! Last year I posted about the “Light It Up Blue” (link), in which a lot of prominent buildings in North America will lit up in blue on the day to commemorate the event and to raise awareness.

In Kuwait we have the Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA), so I will be talking to you about it in this post.

KCA is a non profit charity organization established in 1994 by Dr. Samira AlSaad, aiming to raise more awareness, provide educational training, diagnosis, and treatment for children with autism ans strengthen all the amenities needed for them.

Gulf Autism Union, established by Dr. AlSaad, will be celebrating the World Autism Awareness Day by conducting different activities throughout the Gulf countries to highlight the understanding of ‘AUTISM’ for the better future of all children and adults with autism.

Follow them on Twitter @kwautism for more updates

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