Tunisia: Le Golfe

While in Tunisia last month, and after a long day of shopping and walking around exploring the city of Tunis, our super sweet friend Myriam G. picked us up from the hotel for dinner! We were still kinda full from our late lunch but she promised us a super fresh seafood snacks/appetizers and nothing more 😉

She drove all the way to Marsa area, which is so close to the coast, to a restaurant called Le Golfe!

I am in love with Tunisian doors! I promise you to have a special post with just “DOORS” pictures

The restaurant is so classy with lots of elegant people inside! It must have been the place I saw with most people dressed up so nicely and formal! The service staff were absolutely friendly and hospitable, with us being guests from Kuwait! I wish I have taken pictures, but the place was full and I did not want to bother anyone really… but let me try to explain 😉 We sat by the window, and because it was raining we could not go out in the terrace, but its a big terrace right on the coast – nice view! The restaurant is modern in style when it comes to interiors.. dishes served were international seafood dishes with Tunisian infusion! Myriam ordered everything for us

 Shrimps, calamaris, scallops, fish, and more! I think she basically ordered every single dish from the appetizers menu! I loved it all! Nothing to complain really! The fish and fruit of the sea we tried were all fresh and tasty, and presented in a very neat way – appetizing! Lemon juice on top of some the items added a special zest… very well enjoyed dinner and highly recommended when in Tunis 😉


Thank you Myriam for very well enjoyed dinner and fabulous company 😉


Le Golfe is located in 5, r. El Arbi Zarrouk, Sidi Abdelaziza and you can call +216 20155733 for reservations

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