TOMS Shoes Leather Insole

معظم أحذية تومس تحتوي على فرشة جلد مصنوعة من جلد الخنزير.. السؤال اللي يطرح نفسه؟ ليش في ناس قالو إنه حرام؟ الجلد مدبوغ و نلبسه بريلنا/أرجلنا

I was told that TOMS shoes leather insole is made of pigskin! “Big deal”… I thought to myself, since I am actually stepping on it and not consuming it! Plus the leather went into manufacturing and all.. So I emailed the company a while back, thinking it might be one of those scams! Here is the reply I got (click to enlarge):

TOMS shoes leather insole, except for the ones marked as vegan, are in fact made of pigskin! My question is – why are people saying it is Haram/Prohibited to wear them? Think of it wisely! I am STEPPING ON IT!!!


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