Tire Fire

This is really sad… 10% of a five million tire dump (on 450KM) went on fire, It was thought to be started deliberately by scrap metal hawkers looking to recover scrap metal. Kuwait has never faced such an environmental catastrophe since the burning of oil wells back in 1991 by the Iraqi/Saddam regime!

قالت الادارة العامة للاطفاء أن حريقا هائلا اندلع بحاوية اطارات مستهلكة فيها ما يقارب خمسة ملايين اطار مستعمل بمنطقة رحية شمال الكويت فجر اليوم ولايزال مستمرا دون تسجيل اصابات حتى الان

واضافت الادارة في بيان صحافي اليوم ان بلاغا ورد الى الادارة عن الحريق فهرعت على الفور مراكز اطفاء الجهراء الحرفي والصبية وصبحان والعارضية والاسناد ومن الجهات الاخرى الحرس الوطني والجيش وشركة نفط الكويت

وذكرت ان رجال الاطفاء لا يزالون يقاومون الحريق لضخامة حجمه والمواد التي تشتعل حيث ينطلق منها دخان أسود كثيف وهي مواد قابلة للاشتعال بسرعة كبيرة


KUWAIT CITY: Hundreds of Kuwaiti firemen on Tuesday fought to contain a massive fire in a dump for used tires, with some members of parliament calling the blaze an environmental catastrophe.

Firemen from the national guard, the army and the oil sector joined efforts to extinguish the fire that was still raging 10 hours after it broke out in the dump of more than five million tires, the fire department said.

Environment authorities advised residents in the area to stay away and to use masks, but the education ministry rejected calls by MPs to suspend classes at local schools.

A number of MPs described the fire as an “environmental catastrophe” and vowed to demand a debate on the issue in a special parliamentary session next week. Some said they will demand an official probe.

Medics said that one man was treated for minor burns.


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