@The_OpenDay at AUK

AUK is having an Open Day today and tomorrow from 12:00PM to 10:00PM! The event will hold a Kuwaiti business fair, host guest speakers (), and more!

The event is organized By ••E&B•• and ••The Patriots Club•• at the »American University of Kuwait« Both of those clubs have organized a wide variety of shows.


AUK is lucky to host the “Kuwait’s Corvette Club” with their cars, as well as ↭Kuwait Choppers Garage↭ who will be presenting their custom built bikes, too.

The fun does not stop here… There will be guest speakers/appearances, and they are;
★طارق العلي
محمد الحملي
مبارك المانع
و سلطان الفرج☆


So I guess this will add a funny flavor to the atmosphere with these humorous men!
Also, two former Members of Parliament will be presenting at the Open Day

Dr. Aseel AlAwadi & Hassan Johar
د/أسيل العوضي و حسن جوهر

You wanna know more? There will be a KOUT BU 6 Tournaments and a Monopoly DEAL competition 😉 Oh and Arda Show (فرقة العرضه)

For more, contact:
66985666 / 90941524


Twitter @The_OpenDay

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