Thai Fresh Fruits @TheDubaiMall

Nothing better than having a quick and healthy snack… and in this case it is exotic fruit from Thailand, a small booth by Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall. Now I come to think about the number of fruit I have seen I wonder why I haven’t taken any pictures 🙁

There are a couple of stores I like to check out in this area of the mall with collectible items from different movies such as Star Wars, Super Heroes figurines, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more (too bad I dont have pictures of those stores too)… well anyways, back to the subject! I made a quick stop to browse through all the exotic fruit selection – the sales guy there is super friendly and happy to talk about all the fruit on display – I went ahead and picked one for a snack before going to the movies 😉

Can you guess? I went ahead with green unripe mangoes with a zesty lemon juice on top and splash of chili powder thingy

He served it to me in a to-go box with extra chili powder on the side and two small wooden forks (that were really useless because I used my hands) 😛 The taste is amazing and the combo is something that I LOVE! A mix of flavor and textures – refreshing 😉 Highly recommended


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