Random Thought: I Followed You.. Now Follow Me??

Around six months ago I tweeted this (I still get retweets of it)

تويتر ليس فيسبوك! إنها ليست إضافات و طلبات صداقة بل هي مجرد متابعة! قد يتبعك من يكرهك لدواعي الفضول و من يعشقك قد لا يفعل لاختلاف الميول


Which translates to: Twitter is NOT Facebook, it not like “Friend Request”! On Twitter, people who hate you may follow you out of curiosity… and those who love you may not, because of their different interests (not interested in your tweets/style of tweeting)


Later I posted this TweeGram on my Instagram and wanted to test my followers’ reactions! It got 70 Likes (I am private on Instagram – sorry) – Anyways… I wanted to hear your thoughts about it? What do you guys think?

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