#PUMAT7 Photo Shoot with @PhotochicStudio

As you may all know by now… I was chosen as the ambassador for PUMA (link) along with Nasser from Loft965 and Tareq from House Of Kookeejeejoh! I wanted to take the “how to wear the T7 Jacket” a bit further and creative… My friend Maha AlAsaker shot some amazing pictures of me sporting it! We discussed what I wanted to do and decided to wear a traditional “thoub” embroidered with my name in Arabic in gold and wear traditionally designed gold/jewelry (some of which dates back to when I was a kid) to accessorize the look! I wont be posting all pictures but here is one of which 😉

My friend Shushu was there on set to help! Her and Maha wanted to add the “518” somewhere, I thought it would be cool to have it written in Arabic to match the whole theme… and so did the girls! Shushu decided to have it written on my hand! She wrote (٥١٨) on my right palm with black! What do you guys think?


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